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Alla Montarovskaya elected as head of Pechory town Nov 15

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Alla Montarovskaya was elected as head of Pechory town on November 14 th, 2012. Initially there were two candidates: Alla Montarovskaya and Alexander Timofeyev. Mr.Timofeyev withdrew his candidature for the post. Ten deputies supported Alla and three voted against her.
Mrs.Montarovskaya works in Pechory social rehabilitation center for young people. She will turn 37 y.o. on November, 21st.

Comments: 6

  • Toivo Ratsep Mar 27

    Mrs Montarovskaya, I am planning to visit Pechory. My family was from there and I would like to find information about property that they owned. Who can I contact to find information on these properties. I have addresses for what we owned. Thank you Toivo Ratsep USA
  • Nikolai, site administrator Mar 29

    Dear Toivo, You could find such information in Pechory district archives.
  • Toivo Ratsep Apr 02

    Mrs Montarovskaya, Do you know if there is a store in Pechory that is called Ratsep? Thank you Toivo Ratsep
  • Nikolai, site administrator Apr 02

    Dear Toivo, currently there is not a store with the name Ratsep (or similar) in Pechory. May be an individual entrepreneur with this family name operates somewhere in the district... I don't know exactly. It will be better if you adressed this question to Svetlana Rakuta, director of Pechory linguistic gymnasium (former Estonian school). She knows many local Estonians and Setos.
  • Toivo Ratsep Apr 07

    Mrs Montarovskaya, Thank you for your help. How can I contact Svetlana Rakuta? Do you have a email address?
  • Nikolai, site administrator Apr 07

    Dear Toivo, here you could find a contact information- http://ekkm.estinst.ee/keskused/koolid/petseri-gumnaasium/ The Pechory linguistic gymnasium (fomer Estonian school) is a home for local Estonians and Setos. I think they could help.

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