Time in Pechory:

Forty Martyrs Church (left) and St.Barbara Church (right)

Gate to police department (left) and main gate of the monastery (1565), 1930s

Main gate of the monastery, from the insight, 1939

Monks, 1930s

Near the gate of monastery seminary, 1930s

The carriage, which the Russian Empress Anna Ivanovna gave to Archimandrite Ignatius, 1930s.

A stone staircase near St. Michael's Cathedral was built to replace the wooden one in 1930.

St. Michael's Cathedral and Abbot house, 1930s

Pokrovskaya church

Holy oak, 1930s

A fragment of a large bell tower

St. Lazarus Church (center) and the refectory (right), 1920s

St. Michael's Cathedral

St. Michael's Cathedral

The chapel, under which is an artesian well, 1930.

Monks' cells (right) and the refectory (1896), 1920.

Manufacturing consecrated candles

St. Michael's Cathedral, 1930s

Monastery yard, 1930s

Monks of Pechory monastery, 1939

German officers in the monastery