Time in Pechory:

1st song Festival in Petseri (19.08.1923)

Turuplats (trade square), 1930s

Military parade in the time of Liberation war (1919)

New part of  Petseri

Petseri department of the Dank of Estonia. Architector: Ferdinand Gustav Adoff, 1930s

St.Peter's Evangelical Lutheran church, the end of 1920s

Altarpiece of St.Peter's Evangelical Lutheran church, painted by Obolyanov

The building of the military organization Kaitseliit. Architector: Boris Krümmer. The beginning of 1930s

Petseri railroad station, 1930s   

Petseri railroad station, 1930s 

Freight train, 1930s  

Petseri hospital, 1930s

Suur Patskovka (Great Patskovka) village, 1930s

Plage at Patskovka, 1930s
Bogdanovka, 1930s